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  1. High Capacitance BME MLCC:  World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2014-2019

    This study analyzes the dynamic global market for high capacitance base metal electrode multilayered ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC). This study, which updates the 2000 and 2005 market studies of the same name, addresses the global market for MLCC with capacitance values from 2.2 microfarad to 330 microfarad for FY 2014. The study addresses the rapidly expanding value and volume of consumption for high capacitance BME MLCC and the raw materials consumed in its production. The detailed study addresses average unit pricing trends and directions; consumption by world region, production by country, consumption by end-use market segment, market shares and forecasts for consumption to 2019. The study also addresses the cost of goods sold for high capacitance MLCC as well as the supporting markets for ceramic dielectric materials, nickel electrode powders and pastes and copper termination powders, flakes and pastes. The study also offers a detailed technology roadmap for future developments in high capacitance BME MLCC that includes capacitor development, stacking abilities, nano-powder development in ceramic, nickel and copper, as well as long term forecasting for high capacitance BME MLCC materials consumption by type (Ceramic, nickel and copper); and for high capacitance BME MLCC by world region; MLCC and by end-use markets segment to 2019.

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  2. Passive Electronic Components: World Market Outlook: 2015-2020 ISBN #:1-893211-99-1 (2015)

    Paumanok Publications, Inc. releases “Passive Electronic Components: World Market Outlook: 2015-2020 (ISBN# 1-893211-99-1-2015)” March 17, 2015 - About This Report: This report was designed for end-users of passive electronic components who need to update their supply chain information for capacitors, resistors and inductors on an annual basis. This report was designed with input from major purchasers of passive electronic components and in direct response to industry needs. Which Components Are Tracked In This Report? This report forecasts global consumption volume, value and pricing for CAPACITORS: Ceramic, Aluminum, Tantalum, DC Film and AC Film Capacitors; RESISTORS: Thick Film Chip, Network and Array; Nichrome Metal Film, Tin-Oxide, Wirewound, Thin Film, Carbon Film; INDUCTORS: Horizontal Wirewound Inductors; Wirewound Chip Coil inductors, ferrite beads and bead arrays; multilayered chip inductors, axial and radial leaded inductors, ferrite cores, thin film inductor chips. Who Is Discussed In This Report? All major vendors of Passive Components are discussed in this report, including AVX/Kyocera Corporation (NYSE: AVX : RIC 6971:), KEMET Electronics (NYSE: KEM): KOA Corporation (RIC: 6999), Nichicon Corporation (RIC 6996); Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation (RIC: 6997), Panasonic Electronic Devices Company Limited (RIC: 6752), Murata Manufacturing Company Limited (RIC: 6981), Rohm Company Limited (RIC 6963) , Rubycon Corporation (Private), Samsung Electro-Mechanical (KSE: 009150):, Sumida Electric Company Limited (RIC: 6817), Taiyo Yuden Corporation (RIC: 6976), TDK Corporation (RIC: 6762), TOKO Inc. (RIC: 6801), Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH), Walsin Technology (TT: 5335) and Yageo Corporation (TW: 2327). What Are Some of The Major Conclusions Of The Report? The report makes future price, value and volume forecasts for each passive component as well as a historical record of demand cycles over the past decade and forecasts the value, volume and pricing for 20 different passive components from FY 2015 to 2020. A current analysis of each end use market segment including wireless handsets, personal computers, television sets; consumer audio and video imaging; automotive electronics, large home appliances, power supplies, infrastructure, lighting, defense and medical end-use market segments are used to make tactical forecasts for FY 2015 and long term forecasts about each of the key passive electronic component product line to 2020. This report was released in March 2015 and documents the impact of the current regional economic conditions on the passive component industry and the end-markets into which capacitors, resistors and inductors are sold. Now in its 26th year of publication, this edition is 397 pages and includes 185 tables and graphs, Released March 17 2015. ISBN # 1-893211-99-1 (2015).

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  3. Value-Added & Application Specific Ceramic Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2015-2020


    This market, technologies & opportunities report from Paumanok Publications, Inc. provides an in-depth analysis of value-added and application specific ceramic capacitor world markets, including high voltage ceramic capacitors, high frequency ceramic capacitor, high temperature ceramic capacitors; ceramic feed thru capacitors; ceramic safety capacitors (X&Y) and automotive under-the-hood ceramic capacitors for applications in specialty segments of the power conversion, telecom infrastructure, medical test & scan, medical implant, defense, oil & gas, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, specialty lighting and automotive market segments.


    As mass produced ceramic capacitor products move to low-cost manufacturing regions, ceramic capacitor manufacturers in Japan, Korea, China, USA, Germany, UK and France must re-evaluate their existing production facilities in high-cost regions, and reposition their product portfolios to address markets that will remain localized. The majority of these markets require value-added and application-specific ceramic capacitors that can operate under high reliability specifications and in harsh environments. This market study sheds light on the fragmented, low volume, high value, high profit portion of the global ceramic capacitor industry.


    This report gives detailed intelligence data on the specialty segment of the global ceramic capacitor market, where operating margins are the highest and where price is secondary to component quality and performance. As the low picofarad MLCC markets become inundated with suppliers, companies with smaller economies of scale must refocus all or part of their product portfolio to address more profitable segments of the market. This new focus should include application specific ceramic capacitors to increase profit margins and delay the continued price erosion in their overall ceramic capacitor product offering, and to understand the competitive environment, demand by world region, pricing, technology, and opportunities through detailed forecasts to 2020.


    • High voltage ceramic capacitors- >500 VDC

    • High frequency ceramic capacitors > 1GHz

    • High temperature ceramic capacitors> 200 Degrees C

    • Ceramic feedthru ceramic capacitors

    • Ceramic safety capacitors (X&Y)

    • Automotive Under-The-Hood Capacitors 125 to 175 Degrees C


    • Automotive

    • Power Supplies

    • Telecommunications Infrastructure

    • Defense & Aerospace Electronics

    • Medical Test & Scan

    • Medical Implants

    • Oil & Gas Electronics

    • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

    • Specialty Lighting Ballasts and Equipment.

    Published May 2015. 241 Pages, 115 Tables and Graphs; Price $2,750.00 USD.


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  4. Ceramic Capacitors 2015
    The new market research report entitled “Ceramic Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2015-2020” has been published by Paumanok Publications, Inc. (Cary, NC USA) and is now available for download from our on-line library of market intelligence reports. This latest study addresses the $10 billion global market for ceramic capacitors for FY 2015 with detailed forecasts to FY 2020 by capacitor type and configuration; performance characteristic; electrode type; MLCC case size; end-use market segment and world region. The study offers detailed value, volume and pricing forecasts, with historical supporting charts (from 1991 to 2015 showing Big Data); and detailed value, volume and pricing forecasts for each year to FY 2020. Also included is a detailed analysis of each of the 49 global manufacturers of ceramic capacitors in 2015. Key Segments of the report include- 1.0 INTRODUCTION 2.0 TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW 3.0 CERAMIC CAPACITORS: WORLD MARKET OUTLOOK: FY 2015-2020 3.4 Ceramic Capacitors: Total World Market Overview: FY 2015 3.5 Ceramic Capacitors: Global Demand By Configuration (MLCC, SLC, MLC Radial, MLC Axial, Array, Doorknob, Others): 2015 3.6 Ceramic Capacitors: Global Demand By Performance (X5R, X7R, NPO, Y5V, OTHERS): 2015 3.7 MLCC Demand By Case Size: 1991-2015; 2015-2020 (01005-1210+) 3.8 Ceramic Capacitors: Global Demand By End-Use Market Segment 3.9 Ceramic Capacitors: Vendor Market Share Data for 2015 3.10 Ceramic Capacitors: Demand by World Region 3.11 Manufacturer Intelligence: Ceramic Capacitor Factory Production By Country and Region 4.0 HIGH-CAPACITANCE MLCC: THE BIG MONEYMAKER: 2015-2020: 5.0 HIGH-FREQUENCY CERAMIC CAPACITORS: WORLD MARKET OUTLOOK: 2015-2020 6.0 HIGH-TEMPERATURE CERAMIC CAPACITORS - WORLD MARKET OUTLOOK: 2015-2020 7.0 CERAMIC SAFETY CAPACITORS: WORLD MARKET OUTLOOK: 2015-2020 8.0 AUTOMOTIVE CAPACITORS: WORLD MARKET OUTLOOK: 2015-2020 9.0 GLOBAL MARKET FORECASTS TO 2020- ALL PRODUCTS 10.0 PRODUCER PROFILES (49 MANUFACTURERS) According to Dennis M. Zogbi, Author of the study- “it is a granular look at the global ceramic capacitor market in its entirety. A ‘soup-to-nuts’ view of a ten billion dollar industry that employs ‘Big Data’ to make detailed market estimates and projections. Studies such as this are entirely useful in helping component manufacturers develop reasonable short and long-term strategies for competing in mass markets AND in niche specialty environments.” Learn More
  5. Palladium Consumption In The Global Ceramic Chip Capacitor Market:2006-2010
    This global market analysis looks closely at global consumption of palladium. Learn More
  6. RF Microwave Ceramic Capacitor Cover
    (Cary, NC USA) This groundbreaking new study from Paumanok Publications, Inc. addresses the global market for microwave ceramic capacitors consumed in the frequency range from 1.0 to 300 GHz and includes UHF, EHF and VHF spectrum capacitor markets where microwave and millimeter wave capacitors are applied for bypass, decoupling, filtering and temperature compensation circuits. The study looks at the exciting market opportunities for ceramic capacitors as new market opportunities emerge in the automotive, communications and navigation segments as new frequencies are allocated for new technologies. The study addressed the global value, volume and pricing for microwave ceramic capacitors, and breaks out the market based upon configuration, including demand for multilayered and single layered ceramic capacitor chip designs, demand by dielectric type, including low loss porcelain and ceramic formulations; and further breaks down demand by porcelain ceramic type (i.e. UP standard and P90) and demand by formulation type (i.e. NPO/COG, X7R/BX). The study also dichotomizes the market based upon demand by capacitance value from 0.1 to 7200 pF, and by voltage rating from 6.3 to 5 kV). The study also addresses the market demand for microwave and millimeter wave ceramic capacitors by frequency range. The study addresses demand by world region in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and further breaks out the market based upon. The study also shows demand by end-use market segment in various sub-categories of communications, navigation, industrial and medical scan equipment, and addresses emerging markets in automotive and for device-to-device communications in the Internet of Things. The study also offers a complete competitive analysis of vendors who have the capabilities to compete in the microwave ceramic capacitor space, and compares vendor capabilities based upon microwave ceramic capacitor configuration (i.e. MLC versus SLC), vendors capabilities by voltage range, vendor capabilities by capacitance value. The study also addresses the military markets for high frequency ceramic capacitors and the vendors who supply to Mil-Spec quality. The study shows global sales and market shares for the major producers of microwave ceramic capacitors. The study also offers detailed forecasts for microwave ceramic capacitor consumption by frequency range, end-use market segment and world region to 2020. Published November 2015, 167 pages, ISBN 1-893211-90-8 (HFC2015) Price $2,500.00 USD. Learn More
  7. Raw Material Usage and Supply In The Global Ceramic Capacitor Industry: 2002
    A 2002 detailed analysis of the global markets for ceramic dielectric materials. Learn More
  8. Capacity Expansion In The Global Ceramic Capacitor Industry: 2007
    This report reconciles forecasted capacity expansion in units by ceramic capacitor manufacturer. Learn More
  9. Capacitors: Costs To Produce: 2016 ISBN #1-893211-00-2 (2016)
    This new report from Paumanok Publications, Inc. addresses the global cost of goods sold and industry wide operating profit for the worldwide capacitor industry by type, including ceramic, aluminum, tantalum and plastic film. The study addresses fixed and variable costs associated with the production of capacitors, with emphasis upon variable raw material costs, variable labor charges, variable overhead and manufacturing costs and the trend that is occurring with respect to both the cost of goods sold and the overall operating profit for capacitors over time (With detailed data for each year since 2007 as to the profit and cost of goods sold of the top 12 capacitor manufacturers). The new and expanded version of this study goes down to the granular level studying variable costs and focuses in on variable raw materials costs and breaks down each capacitor type and the associated raw materials costs to produce (dielectric, electrode, termination/lead, packaging; and all the granular costs associated with each subset and the unique qualities of each capacitor dielectric) and details the intricate costs associated with the production of each type of capacitor. The study compares key parameters of change since the 2010 and 2013 versions of this report and compares them between each manufacturer. The study also addresses the changes that have occurred in 2014, 2015 and 2016 as a result of lower raw material costs, yen depreciation and shifting end-use market segments. The study also offers a detailed analysis of the top producers of capacitors in the world, including the trend analysis with respect to cost of goods sold and operating profit for AVX Corporation, KEMET Electronics, Murata Manufacturing, Nichicon Corporation, Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation, Panasonic Industrial, Samsung Electro-Mechanical, Taiyo Yuden Company, TDK Corporation, Vishay Intertechnology, Walsin Technology Corporation and Yageo Corporation. Published April 2016, 218 Pages, 116 Tables, $2,750.00 USD, ISBN #1-893211-00-2 (2016). Learn More
  10. Automotive Capacitors: Global Technology & Market Assessment With Forecasts To 2020 ISBN # 0-929717-02-3 (2016)
    (CARY, NC USA) Paumanok Publications, Inc., the world leader in market research publications and services on the global capacitor industry since 1988 has released the 2016 AUTOCAP REPORT entitled “Automotive Capacitors: Global Technology and Market Assessment With Forecasts To 2020.” This new report from Paumanok begins with a detailed technology analysis of the types of capacitors consumed in automotive electronic sub-assemblies by dielectric and configuration, with a focus on the unique requirements of capacitors consumed in a harsh automotive environment, and roadmaps out the expectations for next generation capacitors consumed in the automobile with respect to temperature, vibration frequency and corrosion resistance. The study continues by establishing its primary markets for current value and volume of worldwide consumption for capacitors in the automotive end-use market segment; including the latest market intelligence on global car and light truck production as well as production of Class 7 and 8 vehicles and production of “electrified” vehicles and makes forecasts to 2020. The study continues by establishing the dramatic shift now happening in the automobile, especially for cockpit electronics but also as a result of a transition in the powertrain. The study describes the many changes impacting connecitivity, HUD, telematics, sensing, driver assist and propulsion; as well as standard electronics platforms in entertainment, navigation, driver information, safety, comfort and convenience. The study continues with an update on the global capacitor industry and establishes the value, volume and pricing of capacitors consumed in the automotive segment and forecasts their consumption out until 2020. The study also offers deep dive analysis for Automotive Ceramic Capacitors, Automotive Tantalum Capacitors, Automotive Aluminum Capacitors, Automotive DC Film Capacitors, Automotive AC Power Film Capacitors; and Automotive Supercapacitors. Each appendix is dedicated to the individual capacitor dielectrics consumed in the automotive segment by type and configuration with detaiuled market shares for vendors who compete in the stringent automotive sector. The study offers detailed producer profiles for those key vendors supplying the automotive space with capacitors. Detailed forecasts for consumption until 2020. Published November 2016, 290 Pages. 163 Figures and Graphs. Automotive Capacitors: Global Technology & Market Assessment With Forecasts To 2020 ISBN # 0-929717-02-3 (2016) Learn More
  11. Ceramic Capacitors: World Markets: 2005-2010
    This report includes a Zogbi Global Market Share Analysis of ceramic capacitors by configuration including MLCC, MLC Axial, MLC Radial, and Single Layer Specialty parts. Learn More
  12. Capacitors for Medical Electronics:  World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2017-2022 ISBN # 1-893211-90-8 (HVQMedical2017)
    (CARY, NC USA) Paumanok Publications, Inc. announces the release of the global market research study entitled “Capacitors for Medical Electronics: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2017-2022 ISBN # 1-893211-90-8 (HVQMedical2017).” The new 130 page study, features a detailed market assessment of capacitor consumption in the global “MedTech” sector with comprehensive forecasts to 2022. Learn More
  13. Capacity Expansion In The Global Ceramic and Tantalum Capacitor Industries: 2000
    This is the popular 2000 report on the capacity expansion worldwide in the ceramic capacitor and tantalum capacitor markets. Learn More
  14. High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors: World Market Cover
    This is an important market research report outlining the global market for ceramic capacitors consumed for high voltage applications. Ceramic capacitors are an excellent, low cost, high reliability solution to the need for capacitance in high voltage power electronics. While the product is limited in its capacitance, its ability to operate at high voltage is only rivaled by other types of electrostatic capacitor technology. This study takes a deep look at global markets, technologies and opportunities in Learn More
  15. Ceramic Capacitors: Emerging Market Opportunities in Consumer Electronics-Current Market Size and Forecasts: 2009-2014
    This market research analysis focuses in on ceramic capacitor demand forecasts by end-use market segment and key product market within each sub-segment to 2014. Learn More
  16. High Capacitance BME MLCC: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2017-2022 ISBN # 1-893211-02-9 (2017)
    Report Highlights: High Capacitance BME MLCC Markets: 27 year historical market analysis on high capacitance MLCC markets worldwide including value, volume and pricing and five year forecasts; demand by region and end-use market segment; production by country; costs to produce; technology roadmapping, growth strategies, competition, deep technology comparative analysis, market shares strategies for moving forward and detailed forecasts to 2022. Key Sections of The Report: • Scope of Coverage • Reason for The Report • Background of The Report • Financial Considerations • Technology Overview • MLCC Global Market Update • Value and Volume of MLCC Consumption • BME MLCC Pricing (Three Year Benchmarking) • Demand By World Region • Demand By End-Market • Vendor Market Shares • Technical Competition and Comparison • High Cap BME: The Profit Driver • Forecasts to 2022 • Trends and Directions • Producer Profiles Learn More
  17. Ceramic Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2009-2014
    This is a global market analysis of ceramic capacitors by type and configuration. Learn More
  18. The European Capacitor Market: Regional Outlook: 2017-2022 ISBN #:1-893211-99-1 (2017EUR)
    (Cary NC USA) Paumanok Publications, Inc. Industrial Market Research announces the release of their market study on the European capacitor market. The study, which has been years in the making, focuses on the value of capacitor consumption in Europe by region, country and dielectric and forecasts capacitor demand by end-use market segment to 2022. Capacitor Dielectric and Type Market Analysis In Europe Electrostatic Capacitor Markets In Europe AC Power Film Capacitors, DC Film Capacitors, MLCC, SLC HV, Electrolytic Capacitor Markets in Europe: Large Can Aluminum Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors, EDLC Supercapacitors and Other Regions and Country Market Analysis: Central European Capacitor Market Outlook to 2022 Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia market focus Northern European Capacitor Market Outlook to 2022 The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland Southern European Capacitor Market Outlook to 2022 France, Spain, Italy and Portugal Eastern European Capacitor Market Outlook to 2022 Romania, Turkey, Russia and Estonia European End-Use Market Analysis For Capacitors: FY 2017 • Automotive and Transportation Electronics • Industrial Automation, Motor and Dive Assemblies • Consumer AV, IOT and Home Appliances • Medical Test and Scan Equipment • Telecommunications Infrastructure • Computers (Industrial) • Lighting Ballasts and Power Suplies • Defense and Aerospace Electronics • Power Transmission and Distribution • Specialty Power Markets in Europe • Renewable Energy Systems Capacitor Technology Requirements for The European Market • High Voltage • High Temperature • High Frequency • High Reliability Market Share Data: • Ceramic Capacitor Vendors: European Market Shares: FY 2017 • Paper & Plastic Capacitor Vendors: European Market Shares: FY 2017 • Aluminum Capacitor Vendors: European Market Shares: FY 2017 • Tantalum Capacitor Vendors: European Market Shares: FY 2017 Customer Data: • Top Customers for Capacitors By Region and Country: FY 2017 Forecasts To 2022 • Capacitor Market Forecasts for Europe: FY 2017-2022 • Capacitor Market Forecasts for Europe By Type and Dielectric: FY 2017-2022 • Capacitor Market Consumption Forecasts By European Region and Key Consuming Country to 2022 • Capacitor Market Consumption Forecasts By European End-Use Market Segment Country to 2022 • Complete Competitive Analysis and Directory of all Known European Manufacturers of Capacitors in 2017 The European Capacitor Market: Regional Outlook to 2022 • Published June 2017 • Price: $2750.00 USD • 240 Pages, • 75 Tables and Graphs • ISBN #:1-893211-99-1 (2017EUR) • (2017 Fiscal Year Ending March 31, FINAL Report) • Published: JUNE 2017 • ©Paumanok Publications, Inc. 2017 Learn More
  19. Ceramic Capacitors: 20 Year Global Market Analysis of Value, Volume and Pricing: 1989-2009
    This market research analysis uses 20 years of worldwide data collection in the passive electronic component industry to forecast future growth. Learn More
  20. Barium Titanate: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2017-2022 ISBN: 1-893211-75-4 (2017)
    This global market study offers transparency on the supply chain for barium titanate, which is the largest dielectric material market in terms of both volume and value for FY 2017. This study addresses the critical types of hydrothermal and chemically derived barium titanate and solid- state materials consumed in formulations by the ceramic capacitor industry worldwide. This study also takes a close look at the technology required to precipitate small particle size nano-materials into green sheets and stack into multilayered capacitors. The study is benchmarked against the previous studies Paumanok has done on the subject and five year changes in this market are recorded as turbulent in terms of technology challenges and yield ratios, but with remarkable extensions of various types of barium titanate derived powder to create commercially available 470 microfarad MLCC. The study also addresses key relationships between vendors and capacitor manufacturers as well as identifies materials vendors and key technology platforms that have grown in size over the past five years. Paumanok offers a deep drive look at the supply chain for feedstocks as well as forecasts changes in global demand for barium titanate to 2022. Please see the table of contents for further information.Published July 2017 Price: $3,750.00 USD Pages: 180 - ISBN: 1-893211-75-4 (2017) Learn More
  21. Ceramic Capacitors: World Markets By Performance Type (X7R, X5R, Y5V, NPO): 2009
    This study evaluates the world market for ceramic capacitors by their respective performance characteristics. Learn More
  22. Competitive Analysis of The World's Top Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturers: 2009
    This study is an analysis of the global market for the high volume multilayered ceramic chip capacitor and the thick film chip resistor. Learn More
  23. Cover for MLCC in Defense Electronics
    Cary USA NC) Paumanok Publications, Inc. announces the release of the market research report entitled “MLCC Market Outlook in Defense Electronics: 2017-2022.” The study covers ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC) as key building blocks in the production of defense and aerospace electronic sub-assemblies. The study covers the following products-
• Multilayered Ceramic Capacitors
. The study also includes the value of consumption for these components by type and sub-category with estimates for consumption based upon associated military specification by type and sub-type.

• High Voltage, High Frequency and High Temperature Ceramic Capacitors. 

The study discusses the reasons for the upcycle in passive component consumption in defense and aerospace electronics with forecasts to 2022.


Published October 2017, 103 Pages, 28 Tables and Graphs Learn More
  24. Capacitors: Costs To Produce: 2010

    Capacitors: Costs To Produce: 2010


    This market research report addresses the global market for capacitors and the cost of goods sold for each individual type of capacitor- ceramic, aluminum, tantalum and plastic film. The critical scientific principal surrounding capacitor technology is that capacitance is equivalent to the physical size, or available surface area of the finished component. Learn More
  25. Value-Added & Application Specific Ceramic Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2012-2017 ISBN # 1-893211-90-8 (2012)
    Value-added and applications specific ceramic capacitor markets, technologies & opportunities in power conversion, oil & gas electronics, defense electronics, telecom infrastructure, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, undersea cable, medical test & scan, medical implants, lasers and related specialty products. Learn More

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