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* Paumanok's New Ceramic Capacitor World Markets Report To 2017
* Paumanok Group Launches New Passive Electronics Web Presence
* Dennis Zogbi Attends CARTS

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News Leaders on Paumanok and Zogbi's Influence In Passive Electronics

Mike Langberg
San Jose Mercury News
"It's a good thing when computer manufacturers push suppliers to offer the lowest possible prices. It's a bad thing when suppliers are pressed so hard they cut corners and deliver defective components -- and it's not always easy to tell when this invisible line is crossed. That's the moral of a complicated story involving a courageous market researcher in North Carolina, stolen trade secrets and leaky capacitors that are damaging at least a small number of personal computers around the world..."


Christina Dyrness
The News & Observer
"...Zogbi's small company in Cary, Paumanok Publications, provides PC industry types a clear picture of their supply chain of computer parts --from the mines where some components origionate to the various levels of manufacturing, assembling and shipping --through regularly published reports and custom market research. Zogbi said his discovery -- and the resulting atention when other industry publications followed up on his scoop -- meant that thousands of faulty parts, which were exploding their corrosive insides and crashing computers, were mostly weeded out at the assembly level..."