Paumanok Publications, Inc. provides rich data sets to financial institutions and investors who are interested in the global passive electronic components industry. We provide access to a library of more than 300 market research reports on various levels of the electronic components industry- including unique vertical views of the electronic component supply chain (mining, materials, components, equipment, distribution, consumption, recycling and finance); access to the monthly report data, which includes deep monthly data sets for lead times, materials costs, vendor financials, market shifts in value, volume and pricing, and news on disruptive technologies; as well as access to the archives of Passive Component Industry Magazine LLC, including detailed technical papers, economic analysis and factory tours; and on-site presentations and monthly calls with lead Passive Component Analysis- Dennis M. Zogbi. For more information on this valuable service, which is currently being used by some of the world’s largest and most respected financial institutions in the United States, Europe and Asia. Mr. Zogbi maintains professional relationships with key C-level management, scientists, engineers and owners of major mining, materials, component manufacturing, component distribution, and PCB design engineers globally. Mr. Zogbi is active in organizing major data sets for the world’s top private equity firms, technology and generalist hedge funds that include a combination of Paumanok’s “Vertical Mosaic” research methodology which incorporates elements of the Delphi Method and the Box-Jenkins method of forecasting large unit markets such as MLCC and thick film chip resistor. Mr. Zogbi also provides sure diligence for mergers & acquisitions in the worldwide passives vertical (including materials and components) and has been a key part of many major acquisitions in the passives space over the past three decades. The ubiquitous nature of passive electronic components, as being an integral and fundamental part of every electrical and electronic circuit, along with the important positioning of capacitors, resistors and inductors as part of the fabric of the “High-Tech Economy” creates a unique vantage point into which we urge you to tap. Paumanok’s years of experiencing working with financial firms allows us to tailor presentations on complex subjects using “Big Data” assets in a format that is easy-to-access and quick to understand. Below are some examples of the deep data resources we tap into to accomplish deep data tasks- (Contact- Mr. Zogbi is also available for hour-long sessions through third party finance research firms such as GLG, Mosaic and Thirdbridge and updates and practices compliance rules in accordance with the guidelines established by these firms.

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  1. Sons of Gwalia: Administration and Tantalum Market Impact
    This brief report addresses the market impact of Sons Of Gwalia (SOG) in Australia. Learn More
  2. Conductive Polymer Capacitors Cover 2014

    This new market research report covers solid and liquid conductive polymer capacitor markets, technologies and opportunities with forecasts to 2019. The study includes the global markets for solid polymer molded chip tantalum, solid polymer molded chip aluminum (H-Chip), solid and liquid polymer vertical chip (V-Chip) aluminum electrolytic and liquid polymer radial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitors worldwide. The study includes the value and volume of demand for conductive polymer capacitors by type and configuration as well as pricing for conductive polymer capacitors by type and configuration with value, volume and pricing forecasts to 2019. The study addresses the global market for conductive polymer capacitors by world region with forecasts to 2019 for conductive polymer capacitor consumption in China, Japan, Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. The study also addresses the conductive polymer capacitor market by type and configuration and end-use market segment in computers & peripherals, consumer audio and video imaging and home theatre electronics; power converter and industrial electronics, wireless access equipment, automotive electronics, telecommunications infrastructure and specialty electronics. The study also addresses the product line ups for 27 manufacturers of conductive polymer capacitors by type and configuration and has a competitive analysis for each product category based upon component operating voltage, maximum operating temperature, maximum capacitance value, equivalent series resistance and by solid polymer tantalum and aluminum case size. The study also addresses vendor market shares for each component sub-category including solid polymer molded chip tantalum, solid polymer molded chip aluminum (H-Chip), solid and liquid polymer vertical chip (V-Chip) aluminum electrolytic and liquid polymer radial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitors worldwide. The study also compares the costs to produce for both tantalum and aluminum capacitors and takes a look specifically at the variable costs associated with raw material usage and supply for each dielectric. The study also addresses the global markets for conductive polymer materials consumed in the gloval capacitor industry including polythiophene, polypyrrole and polyaniline materials, as well as the various application methods for applying conductive polymers in the finished capacitor, including the popular dipping and electro-polymerization processes. The study forecasts the global market consumption value, volume and pricing for conductive polymer capacitors by type and configuration, world region and end-use market segments to 2019. Published January 2014; 257 Pages; $3,750.00 USD.

    Learn More
  3. PCB RELAYS: World Markets & Outlook: 2013-2018 ISBN # 0-929717-30-9 (2013)
    Paumanok Publications, Inc. (Cary, NC USA) announces the release of their new market research report entitled "PCB Relays: World Markets & Outlook: 2013-2018." This report contains data points that include the global value, volume, and average unit pricing for PCB relays by type, including electromechanical, solid state and reed relays; global revenues by world region, global revenues by end-use market segment, global revenues by channel of distribution, competitive environment and sales and market share information; as well as forecast value, volume and pricing to 2018; as well as the forecasted consumption by relay type, world region, end-use market segment, and channel of distribution to 2018. 68 Pages, 24 Tables and Graphs; Published August 2013, Price: $1,500.00 USD. ISBN # 0-929717-30-9 (2013) Companies Discussed In This Report: Aleph, CEL, CIT, Clion, COTO, Crydom, Cynergy3, Deltrol, E. DOLD, Esterline, Fujitsu, Goodsky, Guardian, Hamlin, HASCO, HKE, Hongfa, IDEC, IR, IXYS, Microsemi, Naidian, NEC-Tokin, OMRON, Opto22, Panasonic, RelPol, Salzer, Sanyou, Sharp, Song Chuan, Songle, Standex-Meder, STPI, Struthers-Dunn, TE Connectivity, Teledyne, Vishay, Wanjia, Weidmuller. Paumanok Publications, Inc.- Component and Materials Market Research Since 1988. Learn More
  4. IRC Wirewound and Film Resistor Factory Tour
    This white paper is a detailed description of the IRC factory in Boone North, Carolina which manufactures wirewound resistors and metal film resistors. Learn More
  5. Infrared Detectors: Global Market Brief
    This white paper discusses the global market for infrared detectors. Learn More
  6. Supercapacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2013-2018 Study Cover

    This new report from Paumanok Publications, Inc. covers the global market for carbon and hybrid supercapacitors with forecasts to 2018. The report addresses global supercapacitor demand by configuration (coin cell, radial, flatpack/SMD; screw terminal, snap-mount and module assembly); global value of supercapacitor demand by end-use market segment in transportation, consumer AV, renewable energy, professional electronics and infrastructure markets worldwide. The value of demand is also estimated based upon circuit application (Memory protection, energy recoup, actuated power and UPS system). Global consumption is estimated by world region in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas, and supercapacitor point of sale analysis is also given for Japan, USA, China, Korea, Europe and Israel. Supercapacitor costs to produce are addressed, as are the corresponding markets for carbon materials, cans/sleeves, electrolytes, end seals, separator materials, electrode tab materials and lugs and lead wires. A competitive analysis is also given that addresses the activities of 40 companies in supercapacitors globally and offers complete assessment of worldwide sales and market shares. Forecasts are given based upon the value of consumption by supercapacitor type to 2018, the volume of small can and large can cell consumption to 2018, and the average unit selling prices for small can and large can supercapacitor cell consumption to 2018. Forecasts are also given for supercapacitors based upon consumption by world region and end-use market segment to 2018. Price: $1500.00 USD, Pages 71, Tables 28, ISBN #:0-929717-60-0 (2013) Published May 20, 2013.

    Learn More
  7. Raw Material Supply Chain For Passive Components
    This white paper describes the supply of raw materials to the passive component industry. Learn More
  8. Competitive Analysis 2013

    Paumanok Publications, Inc. (Cary, NC USA) announced the release of their new market research report entitled “Competitive Analysis of The World’s Top Passive Component Manufacturers: FY 2013 ISBN # 1-893211-99-1 -2013.” This is a competitive analysis of the world's top 13 manufacturers of passive electronic components (capacitors, resistors and inductors). This study compares the financial performance of passive component manufacturers with respect to gross profit margin, spending on research & development, spending on SG&A; revenues by world region; revenues by end-use market segment; comparative stock valuation; passive component product portfolios; market strategies; market shares by each component sub-type; and costs to produce, including variable raw material cost comparisons. The report also offers a detailed SWOT analysis for each of the top vendors (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). The study also addresses the key financial metrics for each vendor over time, and shows the various changes in markets structure for FY 2013 compared to FY 2007. The study also offers market forecasts for capacitor, resistor and inductor consumption worldwide between 2013 and 2018. Vendors included in the report are AVX, Kemet, Murata, Nichicon, Nippon Chemi-Con, Panasonic, Rubycon, Samsung EMCO, Taiyo Yuden, TDK, Vishay, Walsin and Yageo. Published May 1, 2013, 160 Pages, 66 Figures; $2,750.00 USD.

    Learn More
  9. Implantable Defibrillator Markets And Passive Component Supply
    This report provides a brief market overview of the passive component supply chain. Learn More
  10. Conductive Polymer Capacitors: World Markets: Technologies & Opportunities: 2010-2015
    This is the 2010 market research report on conductive polymer electrolytic capacitors, including tantalum, aluminum and EDLC capacitors, and materials consumed in their manufacture. Learn More
  11. Capacitors For Renewable Energy Systems: World Market Outlook: 2013-2018
    This new report from Paumanok Publications, Inc. analyzes the global market for capacitors consumed in renewable energy systems, including plastic film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and EDLC supercapacitor markets in solar energy, wind turbine, tidal energy and geothermal markets worldwide. Learn More
  12. Polymer Aluminum Capacitors:  World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2012-2017 ISBN # 1-893211-11-8 (Al203POLY2012)

    This market study analyzes the global market for conductive polymer aluminum capacitors In molded chip, vertical chip and radial leaded configurations that employ conductive polymers to regulate equivalent series resistance (ESR). The study addresses the global markets for polythiophene, polypyrrole and polyanaline type conductive polymer aluminum capacitors in solid and hybrid liquid formats, including the value and volume of demand as well as average unit pricing. The study addresses the global market for conductive polymer aluminum capacitors by key consuming country and by key end-use market segment. A detailed analysis of the 19 vendors of polymer aluminum capacitors is also in the study, and addresses the competitive nature of the market at a granular level, including product lines by configuration, by ESR rating, by maximum voltage, by maximum capacitance value, and by maximum operating temperature. The study also offers sales and market shares for conductive polymer aluminum capacitors by configuration; as well as opportunities for conductive polymer aluminum capacitors in the existing V-chip and radial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitor markets as well as timely market opportunities for molded chip polymer aluminum capacitors in the tantalum chip capacitor market. Detailed forecasts for conductive polymer aluminum capacitors are made in terms of value, volume and pricing to 2017 and producer profiles are also included for the 19 known vendors of conductive polymer aluminum capacitors. Published November 2012, 146 Pages, $2750.00 USD.

    Learn More
  13. Conductive Polymer Capacitor Market Presentation: 2005-2010
    This is a 30 slide presentation that covers the market for conductive polymer tantalum. Learn More
  14. Electronic Fuse Market Update

    Electronic Fuse Market Update


    This is a brief market description of the electronic fuse markets worldwid. Learn More
  15. SMD Film Chip Capacitors: Market Update
    This white paper discusses the global market for surface mount (SMD) film chip capacitors. Learn More
  16. Capacitor & Resistor Marketing Seminar- USA-2008
    This is the Paumanok Publications, Inc. PowerPoint presentation given on March 17, 2008 at the CARTS Conference. Learn More
  17. Integrated Passive Devices: World Market Presentation 2006
    This presentation, given in 2006, outlines the global market for integrated passive devices, including thin film integrated passive devices, integral passive materials. Learn More
  18. High Voltage Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2012-2017 ISBN # 1-893211-90-8 (HV2012)

    Paumanok Publications, Inc. announces the release of “High Voltage Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities” that quantifies the global market value for high voltage capacitors across multiple dielectrics, including high voltage plastic film capacitors, high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors, high voltage ceramic capacitors, high voltage tantalum wet capacitors, high voltage reconstituted mica capacitors, high voltage glass capacitors and high voltage diamond like carbon capacitors. The report quantifies and qualifies the technology behind each dielectric and discusses why each is used in high voltage applications. It also compares each dielectric with respect to its voltage handling capabilities, and addresses the unique qualities of each high voltage dielectric. The study also offers a detailed market overview that offers an executive summary of the findings in their aggregate form, including overall demand by dielectric, by component configuration, by voltage rating, by world region, by end-use market segment; with overall vendor sales and market shares within each sub-category. The study also offers forecasts by type and dielectric, by world region, and by end-use market segment to 2017. The chapter on high voltage plastic film capacitors looks closely at the high voltage polypropylene AC capacitor market in power transmission and distribution, industrial power factor correction, motor run, microwave oven, magnetic ballast and power film applications, and the radial leaded AC & Pulse capacitor markets for degaussing circuits. The high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor market segment focuses on screw terminal and snap-in aluminum capacitor markets worldwide. The ceramic capacitor segment looks at the global markets for high voltage MLCC, MLC leaded, SLC disc and “doorknob” type high voltage ceramic capacitors. Other markets discussed include high voltage tantalum wet slug, high voltage mica, high voltage glass and high voltage DLC capacitor markets. Overall sales and market shares are given within each sub-segment of the market, as are global shipments by world region and end-use market segment. Detailed forecasts to 2017. ISBN # 1-893211-90-8 (HV2012) 310 Pages, $2500 USD, Published July 2012 by Paumanok Publications, Inc.

    Learn More
  19. High Temperature Capacitors (>175 Degrees C): World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: FY 2012-2017 ISBN # 1-893211-90-8 (2012)

    Forecasted changes in temperature requirements in defense and downhole pump electronics have challenged the capacitor industry to produce new products that can operate in exceedingly higher temperatures for longer time periods of time. For years the operating temperature and available capacitance values of competing high temperature dielectrics was limited to about 200 degrees C and picofarad levels of capacitance. There was also the added problem of limited volumetric efficiency of the capacitors being consumed. Therefore, the trend has been to increase the operating temperature of the capacitors competing in the space, to increase the available capacitance values of the capacitors competing in the space, and to expand the product offering with respect to capacitor case size, configuration and performance for extended periods of time at such high temperatures. Multiple dielectrics are now employed to operate at elevated temperatures and include ceramic, tantalum, plastic film, mica, solid aluminum, glass, silicon, diamond-like and aluminum oxynitride. Ceramic, tantalum, plastic film, glass and diamond-like capacitors have established reliability in the high temperature arena, while solid aluminum, silicon and aluminum oxynitride are emerging technologies. Because of the end-markets into which these high temperature capacitors are sold include both defense and oil & gas related electronic sub-assemblies, these high temperature capacitors are usually subjected to additional rigors of extreme environments in addition to extreme temperatures, including enhanced vibration frequencies, high voltage environments, and radiation exposure. Subsequently failure modes for these “application specific” capacitors include delamination, tomb-stoning, thermal stress cracking, wild fluctuations in capacitance with temperature; and questionable insulation resistance. This study addresses the growing market for capacitors in the 175 degree C to 450 degree C operating temperature range, and forecasts the rate of global consumption over the next five years. Published June 2012, 132 Pages - ISBN # 1-893211-90-8 (2012)

    Learn More
  20. Value-Added & Application Specific Ceramic Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2012-2017 ISBN # 1-893211-90-8 (2012)
    Value-added and applications specific ceramic capacitor markets, technologies & opportunities in power conversion, oil & gas electronics, defense electronics, telecom infrastructure, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, undersea cable, medical test & scan, medical implants, lasers and related specialty products. Learn More
  21. Capacitor Markets In Automotive Electronic Subassemblies: 2006
    This is a 60 slide presentation given to the Advanced Capacitor Summit attendees in the 3Q of 2006 that covers capacitor consumption in automotive electronic subassemblies. Learn More
  22. /
    This market presentation covers the markets for critical raw materials consumed in the worldwide capacitor, resistor and inductor industries worldwide. Learn More
  23. Emerging Markets for Passive Components in Consumer Electronics
    This is a global market outlook presentation covering detailed product forecasts for combined shipments of capacitors, linear resistors and discrete inductors. Learn More
  24. EDLC SuperCapacitor Market Update
    This white paper gives a brief market overview of the Electric Double Layer Carbon Capacitor markets worldwide. Learn More
  25. Nickel Electrode Powder Pricing Brief
    This white paper discusses the increase in nickel prices in 2003 due to Chinese demand as a steel hardener. Learn More

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