Plastic Film Capacitors: Technical Paper Collection: 2004-2015

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Plastic Film Capacitors: Technical Paper Collection: 2004-2015

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This is a collection of 45 technical papers on the subject of plastic film dielectric capacitors and their respective raw materials. The papers were presented between 2004 and 2015 by major vendors and organizations associated with the production or test of PP, PET, PPS and PEN film capacitors. The purpose of this bundle is to show the technical direction of AC and DC Film capacitors and materials over a ten year time period.

Plastic Film Capacitors: Technical Paper Collection: 2004-2015

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These technical papers on the plastic film capacitor industry and related raw materials, were presented at the Capacitor & Resistor Technology Symposium and the Quality and Reliability Technical Symposium and published in Passive Component Industry Magazine LLC (a Paumanok Publications, Inc. and ECIA subsidiary). This collection of technical papers has been reviewed and organized by Paumanok Publications, Inc. with the cooperation of Passive Component Industry Magazine LLC, the Electronic Industries Alliance, and the Electronic Component Association.
Table of Contents
  • SMD Plastic Film Capacitors for High Temperature Applications EVOX-RIFA - PAGE 1
  • New Micropower Film Capacitors for Industrial & Automotive Converters EPCOS AG- PAGE 6
  • SMD Plastic Film Capacitors for High Temperature Applications EVOX FIFA - PAGE 10
  • Advanced Coating Technology for Film Capacitor Applications APPLIED FILMS GMBH - PAGE 17
  • Film Technology To Replace Electrolytic Technology TPC, DIVISION OF AVX- PAGE 25
  • High Crystalline Segmented Polypropylene Capacitors Offer Increased Energy Density NWL CAPACITOR DIVISION- PAGE 32
  • High Dielectric Constant Terpolymers for Energy Storage Capacitors TRS TECHNOLOGIES- PAGE 37
  • Benefits of Using Custom Components in Respect to Film Capacitors and Assemblies ASC CAPACITORS- PAGE 42
  • Advanced Coating Technology for Film Capacitor Applications APPLIED FILMS GMBH - PAGE 48
  • MKP Capacitors for DC-Link application in modern converters EPCOS S.A.P.O. - PAGE 60
  • High Temperature Film Capacitors for Automotive Application EPCOS SA - PAGE 65
  • Mission Profile Based PCC Design for Integration into HEV Converter EPCOS AG - PAGE 74
  • Innovative Solutions in Film Capacitor Vacuum Coating for advanced automotive Applications APPLIED MATERIALS GMBH - PAGE 83
  • Mission Profile based PCC Design for Integration into HEV-Converter EPCOS AG- PAGE 100
  • PP for Film Capacitors: Origin, Manufacturing and Processing BOREALIS POLYMERS NV - PAGE 113
  • Design of Power Electronic Capacitors in IGBT Inverters Applications EPCOS- PAGE 120
  • Film Capacitors for DC-Link Application in Industrial Converters EPCOS - PAGE 133
  • Metallized Polypropylene Film Energy Storage Capacitors For Low Pulse Duty NWL CAPACITOR - PAGE 142
  • High Energy Density Polymer Dielectrics for Capacitor Applications STRATEGIC POLYMERS - PAGE 150
  • Polycarbonate Capacitors Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow ELECRTONIC CONCEPTS - PAGE 160
  • Empowering the EMI Filtering Industry- Development of a Capacitor series up to 45μF with X2 safety EPCOS FILM CAPACITORS DIVISION -PAGE 167
  • Soldering of SMD Film Capacitors in Practical Lead Free Processes EVOX-RIFA- PAGE 177
  • New Polymer Dielectric For High Energy Density Film Capacitors AEROVOX CORPORATION- PAGE 186
  • Film Capacitors for Automotive and Industrial Applications 200 DC-Link Capacitors for Industrial Applications KEMET- PAGE 215
  • Film Capacitors for Automotive and Industrial Applications EPCOS - PAGE 228
  • High Performance Polymer Film Dielectrics for Air Force Wide Temperature Power Electronics Applications AFRL - PAGE 244
  • High Dielectric Constant Polymer Film Capacitors STRATEGIC POLYMER- PAGE 261
  • Film Capacitors: High Voltage, High Energy, High Current GENERAL ATOMICS - PAGE 270
  • Film Technology For WIND Power Applications AVX CORP., - PAGE 281
  • Design and Implementation of a Compact Interleaved Boost Converter UES, INC., PAGE 287
  • Heavy Duty Capacitors for High Humidity Conditions EPCOS FILM CAPACITOR DIVISION- PAGE 300
  • Evaluation of Fluorene Polyester Film Capacitors AFRL - PAGE 313
  • Optimisation of Metallization in Power Capacitors for New Applications EPCOS SA - PAGE 329
  • Film Technology For Wind Power Applications TPC, AVX- PAGE 342
  • Power Film Capacitors for Industrial Applications KEMET - PAGE 351
  • SMD Naked Film Capacitor Technologies for Severe Application Environments and Circuit Functions KEMET- PAGE 366
  • Broadband Interference Suppressor ModulesKEMET -PAGE 403- 
  • High Temperature Polymer Capacitor Film with High Dielectric Constant 414 Power Solutions for Automotive HID Applications KEMET- PAGE 422
  • KEMET film capacitors for high temperature high voltage and high current KEMET- PAGE 447
  • Failure Mechanisms in High Voltage Mylar Capacitors SANDIA NATIONAL LABS- PAGE 463
  • Performance Characteristic Comparison of Filter Capacitor Technology in Power Electronics AVX- PAGE 475
  • RFI X2 Capacitors for High Humidity Environment KEMET- PAGE 490