Thin Film Resistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2015-2020 - ISBN# 1-89-3211-38-X (TFT2015)

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TOC Thin Film Resistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2015-2020

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Global Market Analysis of Thin Film Nichrome, Tantalum Nitride and Chrome Silicide Resistor Chips, Networks, Arrays and Integrated Passive Devices with Market Forecasts to 2020.

Thin Film Resistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2015-2020

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  • Thin Film Resistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2015-2020


Demand for thin film resistors and integrated passive devices are increasing because of the precision nature of the thin film components and the added volumetric efficiency that integrated passive device manufacturers can offer the design engineer. Prices for these advanced technologies are also coming down as economies of scale increase. We can ascertain from Paumanok Publications Industrial Market Research and from primary sources that one area of market growth over the next five years will be in thin film chip resistors as they continue to displace thick film (Ru02 type) resistors for traditional and specialty circuit applications. For CY 2014, we estimate the global market for thin film resistors, arrays, networks and integrated passive devices at $183 million US Dollars, the majority of which is in thin film nickel-chromium chips on alumina substrates. The initial areas of greatest impact where thin film resistors are and will continue to be in greatest demand will be in niche categories where precision, corrosion resistance, high temperature and volumetric efficiency come together. The increased production volume of thin film chip resistors, especially in Taiwan and China, will continue to create increasingly larger economies of scale and lower average unit pricing, which will in turn make thin film chips more in line with traditional thick film pricing (Many in China feel we have already reached that point of parity in price). According to thin film chip resistor manufacturers, due to the reliance of thick film chip resistor manufacturers on ruthenium metal, a Platinum Group Metal (PGM) product that is subject to dramatic historical swings in price due to the difficulties of mining in South Africa, the movement toward a base metal substitute is also in the best interest of the customer. One method of manufacturing thin film resistor chips is through the sputtering of nickel chromium on an alumina substrate. Additional techniques are based upon the use of tantalum nitride on silicon; and/or chromium silicide on silicon (among others). The new market research report from Paumanok Publications, Inc. goes on to discuss the global markets, technologies and opportunities associated with thin film resistors, arrays, networks and flatpacks; regional demand; end-market and product demand; demand by world region, competitive environment, sales and market shares and five year forecasts. To review the detailed table of contents and list of figures- go here. Paumanok Publications, Inc. 502 Ballad Creek Court Cary, NC 27519 USA (919) 468-0384 (919) 468-0386 Fax Written by: Dennis M. Zogbi Email: Pages: 102 Price: $1,800.00 Published April 2015

Table of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS: 2 THIN FILM RESISTORS: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: 10 A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR PRECISION THIN FILM RESISTORS 10 Bright Outlook Forecasted for Thin Film Resistor Chips and Networks: 10 Thin Film Metals and Deposition: 10 Nickel Chromium Thin Film Solutions: 11 Tantalum Nitride Thin Film Solutions: 11 Chrome Silicide and Other Thin Film Solutions: 11 Historical Development, Technology, Types and Configurations for Thin Film Resistors: 12 Thin Film Resistors: Component Demand by Configuration: 12 Modern Expansion of the Thin Film Chip Market: 13 Modern Expansion of The Thin Film Network and Integrated Passive Device Markets: 13 Thin Film Resistors: End-Markets by Type: 14 Thin Film Resistors: Markets by Region: 14 Thin Film Resistors: Markets by End-Use Segment: 14 Competition in Thin Film Resistors: 15 Thin Film Resistors and Networks: Global Market Outlook: 2015-2020: 15 Summary and Conclusions: 2015-2020: 16 THIN FILM RESISTORS: TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW: 17 ADVANCED PROCESSES YIELD ADVANCED COMPONENTS: 17 THICK FILM VERSUS THIN FILM-PERFORMANCE COMPARISON: 2015 17 Cost Structure: 17 Manufacturing Process: 18 Film Layers and Stability: 18 Thin Film Deposition: 18 Sputtering and The Variations in Thin Film Morphology: 18 Electrical Resistance and Columnar Profile of Thin Films: 18 High Frequency Noise Generation: 18 TCR Levels: 18 Precision Resistance: 18 THIN VERSUS THICK FILM RESISTORS: CONSTRUCTION COMPARISON: 19 Comparison of Thin Film Versus Thick Film Chip Resistor Construction (Cross Section Analysis): 19 Substrate Comparison: 19 Resistive Layer: 19 Electrode Material: 19 uV Lithography: 20 Overcoat: 20 Thermal Annealing: 20 Laser Trimming: 20 Passivation and Termination: 20 Solder Layer: 20 VALUE PROPOSITION OF THIN FILM RESISTORS: 23 Precision Resistance: 23 Power Efficiency and Handling Capability: 23 Current Sensing Capability: 23 High Frequency Capability: 23 High Temperature Performance: 24 Long-Term Stability: 24 Overcurrent Protection: 24 Anti-sulfide Performance: 25 Green Technology: 25 Moisture Resistance: 25 Reliance on Base Metals: 25 Tantalum Versus Nickel Supply Chains: 26 THIN FILM TRENDS AND DIRECTIONS: INTEGRATED PASSIVE COMPONENTS AND DEVICES: 26 Passive Component Integration History: 27 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS FOR THIN FILM INTEGRATED PASSIVE DEVICES: 29 {R}Tantalum-Nitride, {C} Silicon Dioxide & Silicon Substrates: 29 {R}Tantalum-Nitride, {C} Silicon Nitride & Silicon Substrates: 29 {R} Chrome Silicide, {C} Silicon Dioxide & Silicon Substrates: 29 {R} Hafnium Diboride, {C} Silicon Dioxide & Silicon Substrates: 29 Substrate Materials: 29 Performance & Cost Considerations For Integrated Passive Substrates: 29 Inductance & Substrate Materials: 30 Silicon Wafers: 30 High Purity Glass Substrates: 31 99% Alumina: 31 Reasons For Market Growth Of Integrated Passive Electronic Components: 31 Volumetric Efficiency: 31 Tighter Tolerances: 32 Savings On Pick & Place Costs: 32 Mechanical Reliability Considerations: 33 Faster Clock Speeds: 33 High Frequency Performance Characteristics Of Thin Film Integrated Passives: 33 APPLICATIONS FOR INTEGRATED PASSIVE DEVICES: 34 EMI/RFI Filtering: 34 Controlling EMI/RFI Emissions: 34 Termination Applications: 35 Bus And Other Termination Examples: 35 Pull-Up, Pull-Down Applications: 35 Operational Amplifier Applications: 36 Differential Op-Amp Input Filter: 36 Voltage Dividers: 36 Data Converters: 36 PACKAGING OF THIN FILM IPECS (SOIC, SOT, SMOC, QSOP, TSSOP) 36 THIN FILM RESISTORS AND INTEGRATED PASSIVE DEVICES: GLOBAL MARKETS 37 GLOBAL VALUE OF CONSUMPTION FOR THIN FILM RESISTORS: 1995-2013; 2014 ESTIMATES 37 GLOBAL VOLUME OF CONSUMPTION FOR THIN FILM RESISTORS: 1995-2013; 2014 ESTIMATES 38 GLOBAL AVERAGE UNIT PRICING FOR THIN FILM RESISTORS: 1995-2013; 2014 ESTIMATES 39 GLOBAL VALUE OF CONSUMPTION FOR THIN FILM RESISTORS BY CONFIGURATION (CHIP AND NETWORK) AND FORECASTS TO 2020 40 GLOBAL VALUE OF CONSUMPTION FOR THIN FILM RESISTORS BY TYPE (TAN, NICR, OTHER): 41 GLOBAL VALUE OF CONSUMPTION FOR THIN FILM RESISTORS BY WORLD REGION: 2014 42 United States Markets: CY 2014 43 Major and Minor USA Vendors of Thin Film Resistors 44 Japan Markets: CY 2014 44 Major and Minor Japanese Vendors of Thin Film Resistors 44 China Markets: CY 2014 45 Major and Minor Chinese Vendors of Thin Film Resistors 45 European Markets: CY 2014 45 Major and Minor European Vendors of Thin Film Resistors 45 GLOBAL VALUE OF CONSUMPTION FOR THIN FILM RESISTORS BY END-USE MARKET SEGMENT: 2014 46 Automotive Markets: 47 Power Conversion Markets: 48 Telecom-High Q Markets: 48 Test & Measurement Equipment Markets: 48 Computer (Printer) Markets: 48 Medical Device Markets: 49 Defense, Aerospace and Other Markets: 49 THIN FILM RESISTOR VENDORS BY MARKETS SERVED: CY 2014 49 THIN FILM RESISTOR VENDORS BY RESISTIVE ELEMENT (NICR, TAN, SICR AND OTHER): 2015 51 WORLDWIDE COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT FOR THIN FILM RESISTORS BY TYPE AND CONFIGURATION: 2014 53 Thin Film Resistor Vendors; Products and Capabilities: 55 AVX Corporation: Thin Film Integrated Passive Component Capabilities: 55 Bourns- Thin Film Chips: 55 Cal-Chip Thin Film Chips: 55 Cinetech Resistor Thin Film Resistor Products: Chips and Arrays 56 Cyntec/Delta Products Thin Film Resistors: 56 DITF- Diablo Industries, Inc. Thin Film Resistors: 57 HKR Manufacturing: Thin Film Chips: 57 IMS Resistors: Thin Film Wraparound: 57 IPDIA- Integrated Passives and PICS Capacitors: 57 KOA Corp. Thin Film Resistors: 57 Micro-Ohm Corporation- Thin Film Chips: 58 Mini-Systems: Thin Film Chips 59 Nikkohm: Thin Film Chips and Networks: 59 OnChip Devices: Custom Thin Film Products: 60 On-Semi- Thin Film IPD Capabilities: 60 Panasonic- Thin Film Resistor Chip Line: 60 RCD Components: Thin Film Networks: 60 SRT Resistor: Thin Film Products: 60 SEI Stackpole: Thin Film Resistor Products: 60 STMicroelectronics: Thin Film Integrated Passive Components: 61 State-Of-The-Art Thin Film Chips, Networks and IPD: 61 Susumu- Thin Film Chips: 61 Synton-Tech: Thin Film Chips: 62 TA-I Technology: Thin Film Resistors: 62 Thin Film Technology Corp: Thin Film Resistive Products: 62 Token Electronics: Thin Film Chips: 62 TT Group/IRC- Thin Film Products: 63 Viking Technology- Thin Film Resistors: 64 Vishay: Thin Film Resistor Businesses Group Companies: 64 Yageo Thin Film Resistors: 64 GLOBAL THIN FILM RESISTOR VENDORS: 2014 GLOBAL SALES & MARKET SHARE ESTIMATES 65 Thin Film Chip Resistor Vendors: 2014 Global Market Share Estimates 67 Thin Film Resistor Networks, Arrays and Integrated Passive Device Vendors: 2014 Global Sales & Market Share Estimates 69 FORECASTS: VALUE, VOLUME AND ASP FORECASTS FOR THIN FILM RESISTORS: 2015-2020: 71 FORECASTS: VALUE FORECASTS FOR THIN FILM RESISTORS BY TYPE: 2014-2019: 71 DIRECTORY OF THIN FILM RESISTOR CHIP, NETWORK AND INTEGRATED PASSIVE DEVICE MANUFACTURERS: 2015 73 AVX 73 AVX CORPORATION 73 AVX: Company Description: 73 AVX: Competitive Positioning: 74 AVX: PMC Thin Film Integrated Passive Devices: 74 BOURNS 74 BOURNS, INC. 74 Bourns, Inc: Company Description: 74 CAL-CHIP 75 CAL-CHIP ELECTRONICS, INC. 75 CINETECH 76 CYNTEC COMPANY LIMITED 77 DITF 77 DITF- DIABLO INDUSTRIES, INC. 77 HKR MANUFACTURING 78 IMS 79 INTERNATIONAL MANUFACTURING SERVICES 79 IPDIA 79 IPDIA 79 About IPDIA 79 KOA 80 KOA CORP. 80 KOA: Company Description 80 MICRO-OHM 81 MICRO-OHM CORPORATION 81 MICROTECH GMBH 83 MINI-SYSTEMS 83 MINI-SYSTEMS, INC. 83 NIKKOHM 84 NIKKOHM COMPANY LIMITED 84 ONCHIP 85 ONCHIP DEVICES, INC. 85 OnChip: About This Company: 85 OnChip Key Customers: 86 ON-SEMICONDUCTOR 86 ON-SEMICONDUCTOR 86 On-Semiconductor: About This Company 86 ON Semiconductor: Important Acquisition of CaMD: 87 PANASONIC 87 PANASONIC INDUSTRIAL DEVICES 87 About Panasonic: 87 About Panasonic Resistors 88 RCD 88 RCD COMPONENTS, INC. 88 SRT RESISTOR 89 SRT RESISTOR TECHNOLOGY GMBH 89 SEI 89 SEI, STACKPOLE ELECTRONICS INC. (AKAHANE) 89 ST MICROELECTRONICS 90 STMICROELECTRONICS NV 90 STMicroelectronics: About This Company 90 STMicroelectronics: Product Lines: 90 STMicroelectronics: Major Customers: 91 ST Micro: IPAD Thin Film Integrated Passive Devices 91 STATE OF THE ART 91 STATE-OF-THE-ART, INC. 91 SUSUMU 93 SUSUMU COMPANY LIMITED 93 Susumu's 4 main technologies 93 SYNTON-TECH 94 SYNTON-TECH CORP. 94 TA-I 94 TA-I TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 94 TA-I: About This Company 94 TA-I: Circuit Protection Product Portfolio: 95 TFT 95 THIN FILM TECHNOLOGY CORP. 95 TOKEN 95 TOKEN ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY CO., LTD. 95 TT/IRC ELECTRONICS 98 TT Electronics PLC: About This Company 98 IRC Corporation: About This Company 98 Product Offerings In Resistors: 99 IRC Corporation Advanced Film Division, Corpus Christie: 99 Factory Description: 99 Resistor Products: 99 Sales By End-Use Market Segment: 99 Revenues By World Region: 99 VIKING 100 VIKING TECHNOLOGY CORP. 100 VISHAY 101 VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY 101 Vishay: About This Company: 101 Vishay Dale Thin Film: 101 Thin Film Businesses At Vishay- 101 YAGEO 102 YAGEO CORPORATION 102 About Yageo: 102 Yageo Thin Film Resistors: 102