Paumanok Group History

The road to market leadership in “passive components” has been anything but passive for Dennis M. Zogbi, Founder and CEO of Paumanok Publications Industrial Market Research and Passive Component Industry Magazine. Paumanok Publications, Inc. was founded with the guidance of key members of AVX Corporation in 1988, who awarded Paumanok their first contract in studying the world market for non-linear resistors. Prior to 1988 Paumanok had studied other segments of the domestic and international markets, including wire and cable, optical components, superhard materials, plastics and abrasives, but the contract with AVX in 1988 introduced Paumanok to the world of passive components.

Subsequently, Paumanok has engaged in hundreds of single client, multi-client and off-the-shelf market research reports on ceramic, tantalum, aluminum, plastic, carbon, niobium capacitors; thick film chip, network, array and throughole resistors; SMD chip coil, ferrite bead, bead array, throughole inductors and ferrite cores; as well as various circuit protection components such as varistors, PTC and NTC thermistors, TVS diodes, gas tube arresters, thyristors, polymer PTC and various types of electrical and electronic fuses; in addition to various electronic materials such as tantalum, barium titanate, bauxite/alumina; etched foils; polypropylene, polyester, polyphenylene sulfide, polyethylene napthalate, exotic plastics; palladium, ruthenium, nickel, copper; various oxides and integral passive substrates. Today, Paumanok uses this research to provide the industry with off-the-shelf market research reports, single client studies, monthly analysis for OEMs, EMS and Distributors; due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and on-site presentations.


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